A New, Beginning, Start, Or Whatever You Called It, “True” Life

It’s been 2 months since I have my new life, to be a medical school student I mean. And yeah like a globe that spins so fast, there’s up and down 😀

Setelah bener-bener “memutuskan” serius di bidang ini – dengan mikir kalo “there’s no way to back” – ada secercah kekhawatiran yang masih ngganjel. Seenggaknya ngerasa minder gitu, temen-temen yang masuk dari jalur SNMPTN Tulis bahkan jalur mandiri grade nya tinggi-tinggi bangeeeet T.T hampir 90% cobaaa, dewa sekali kaaaan rekan-rekan sejawat iniiii. Mulailah gue mikir, gue diterima di sini bisa dibilang “cuma kebetulan” rapor gue bagus selama SMA, dan soal akademik selama SMA? Beuuuh jangan ditanya, gue males belajar! Akhirnya gue minder sendiri dong, masak iya ntar gue jadi yang paling gak lemah diantara temen-temen gue? Gengsi dong mameeeen, mau ditaro mana nama almamater gue –”

Jadi akhirnya gue berkomitmen (lagi :D) buat serius belajar. GUE JANJI GAK BAKAL MALES BELAJAR LAGI! Jadi dokter gak boleh males, jadi dokter kudu rajin, jadi dokter butuh pengorbanan. There’s a lot of people need my help outside there 🙂


A Note from A Doctor To Be (Baca: Curhat Gue)

Being a medical school student? Some people want it so much. They even are willing to pay so much money to be one of them. Then me? God give me this, with as minimum payment as possible. Yes God, I gratefully thanked to you for this. Even if at first, I do uncertain about this. I mean, you know, I’m not giving my 100% for this. I don’t really want to be a doctor (well after I was declared to be one of a medical school student, I’ve just realized it). I only have 30% assureance to be a doctor, then the rest 70%? I just want to make my parents happy. I know they don’t say their avidity by them self. But I can summarize it implicitly from our conversations.

Well, I guess I have no choice, I should try this first. Like what I’ve ever heard, “If you don’t like your college, at least try it for one semester, if you still don’t like it, then try for one year, if it’s not one year, then try for two, three, and four years (well, six years in my case). If after those years and you still don’t like it, yeah you can leave.” Then, I guess it means forever. And I’ve decided. YES I’LL TRY TO BE A DOCTOR. THE GOOD DOCTOR ONES. I’ve decided to put my best on this. Even if I have to work with cadaver every day, doing surgery (which I see so awfully before). But I promise I’ll do my best. One of my favourite quotation from my friend: “If God gives you ‘a medical school student’ status, IT MEANS HE BELIEVES THAT YOU CAN DO IT” (ALFIII, thank you for this word 😀 very inspiring)

Beside, being a doctor is a lofty job. Helping people, avoiding people form sickness, avoiding people from hurting more, I guess this is my way to thanked God for everything he gave me all the time (even if I know being a doctor for 1000 years won’t ever equal to 1/1000000 comfort he given me, well at least, I’m trying).

And, the lesson you, readers, can take from my story are: “Try to accept things God given to you. Always take everything from positive side. And please sort everything you wanna do. If you thought you don’t have enough reason to do it or to be there, just leave it” cause everything can be succesfully done as long as you have enough reason to do it. Cheers 😀

*CMIIW with my english LOL