I believe there’s a time management ability, inside each one of us. Well some people got it naturally, and some others got it from sort of soft-skill training or whatever it is. And in my opinion, this is the ability that you MUST have when you wanted to be called adult, ha-ha I know adulthood doesn’t always mean time management ability but yeah believe me you gotta need this man!

When you had a lot of things to do and adjacent deadlines also, well this happens to me like all the time. I used to dispart my targets into small one, like each progress everyday so when the deadline comes up I won’t get too pressed, hopefully. But as a normal human, yeah I got tired, tedious or lack of spirit sometimes, and any other distractions.

And at this point I feel like I must have an ability to calculate, to get as much spare time as possible but still won’t failed on my targets too! Could you believe how amazingly adorable it is? Ha-ha even if I have to stay up all night long and drink coffees, I’m satisfied, no one aggrieved, case closed!

So students, manage your time wisely. Don’t lose your young adult time only hound on your targets and give yourself a free time. Much free time. Life doesn’t come twice. Cheers 😡


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